Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I noticed these about to flower in the driveway.
Good thing too as they are so quick.
Such a delicate and pretty flower.

Perhaps it was that 2 inches of rain.
You have got to love a tropical low that delivers so far inland.
The paddocks certainly did.
As did the weeds!
I have found plenty of self sown Lemon basil
Regular sweet basil also.
I was thinking how we humans like to fast forward everything,
customers are looking to by basil to plant in September.
I try and explain the ground isn't warm enough yet.
Hard to live in sync with the seasons when you can 
go down to the nursery who has grown the seedlings on heat beds,
then sold them to the buying public who has to nurse them along until
the ground warms up.
Clearly the ground is warm enough to do the work for us now.

The circles are a little overgrown, weeds as tall as me.
This red Verbena does 
smother the ground to a fair extent.

Self sown tomatoes trying to take over the Zinnias

Luka has a lot to learn about the garden...
It is a dog no go zone. 
"Off the garden"
Paths are ok.

I am pleased to say this circle has been weeded.
It is a relief to type that!
Now for the mulch to keep it that way.
The Zinnias in this circle were self sown.
The rabbits ate all the Cosmos I planted here 
and most of the Zinnias. 
I am unsure as to how these ones survived.
Ripe for picking this week, Peaches, Nectarines, Blood plums.
Zinnias, Orange cosmos, last of the Gladdioli.
Not  much else. 
Dahlias are just beginning. Mrs Reithers purple Verbena,
and a few late Alstromeria


Caroline said...

Those pink flowers are lovely.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Just beautiful :) here in northern NY state we are SO far from weather like, with below zero F temps and snow....

Annie said...

My big tall cactus I got from you at your front gate has had a pup!