Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pottery Club Fundraiser

Inspired by some great photos
The Pottery Club has decided to raise 
a few dollars to put  towards the new studio.
by producing some blank cards for sale.
Members were asked to provide a photo of their work
Collectively they were sent to the printer. 
The above image is the one that sparked the idea.
Thanks to Jennifer Gadsden and 
her fab photos of pendents under construction.
The cards are high quality glossy.
Some identify the artist, the above image is one of mine.
Egyptian paste bracelet.

Renae makes beautiful bowls.

This clay looks like pressed sand when fired.
You guessed it, Renae!

These became the most beautiful Christmas decorations.
With a little bit of gold lustre and some string.
Renae again.

This is another one of mine.
Raku plate. 

Jennifer has been making rings, cuff links and pendants.

This is a father and son collection.
Nicholas and Bob Reither
I hope I have the correct spelling this time!

Renae is getting serious about her pottery, 
she has developed a business name 
based on the pronunciation of her surname.
Very professional. You might find her work on instagram?

This is another of Jennifer's. 

These sculptures were made by David Gee
Approximately 50 cm's tall
It is the Aussie version of 'See no evil,
Hear no evil, Speak no evil'
Cards are available at $3.00 each or 4 for $10.
If you are interested in purchasing some cards, send me an email,
leave a comment or call in to the studio.


Annie said...

Yes...I would like some Jayne...can I choose and do you take paypal?

Lou Buttler said...

Lou is asking the same question as Annie.

JB said...

Sorry guys, I hadn't thought that far ahead.