Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fresh flowers today,
$5 per bunch
Varieties include Shasta daisy, Alstromeria, Coreopsis,
Statice, Fever few, Penstemon. 
Great value. 
48 Etiwanda Ave Mildura.
Help me fund the replacement umbrella, last one was totaled by the wind.
Note the lime green top.
I was unable to buy a navy blue one

The photo is a little blurry but the flavour was clear and sharp
A tree full of cherries. This is just a small pick.
Best crop in years. Wow! 
Every household should have a cherry tree...they are the best.
And they don't stain your hands and clothes when picking and eating. 
Unlike our Australian weeping Mull berry which had the best crop too!
It will fruit again around Easter.

Do you eat globe Artichoke?
If so you would be sad to see I have let the blooms flower.
MS had said they were stunning flowers so I had to see for myself
The transformation from the buds shown here either side slowly
broaden...then came what looked like blue spiders legs slowly
emerging....I was surprised to see it end up like a giant thistle.
Maybe next year I will take the plunge and eat the artichoke.
They need to be picked early 
and it is the inner core of the bud that is eaten.


Annie said...

I'd l Iike to plant a cherry tree

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Great pictures :) gardening down under and we are in the midst of the arctic! Jealous :)

catherine roberts said...

Oh Cherries!!!! Too hot here I think,thank you for your comment too,much appreciated,Im still struggling to find my own style