Saturday, November 8, 2014

Herb labels

I have been making heaps of herb signs.
I hope they are going to be popular Christmas presents

I have noticed that all those that have been on really hot days
are flushed with my sweat.
Can you see the orange blush on the worm heads?
I wonder if this colour will burn out in the next firing?

We have had some very hot days already 
and Summer is still a few weeks away.
We will be right with the air conditioner now installed in the studio
It dries out any clay that is left unwrapped though
I will have to be careful of that.
I have also been working on set of beakers.
Hot or cold cups
no handles
I think the Japanese were wise to ignore the handle concept
Saves a lot of time, less can go wrong
and the cups are stackable, space saving crockery.
I have often struggled to get handles attached before the pot is too dry.
With the studio in the back yard I now have no excuse however
I am enjoying the simple shape. 

Note the middle blue cup
I must have forgotten to stir the glaze with this one,
it's not very blue
I must have dipped the blue first then the satin white.
There is a lovely feathery lilac where they meet.
I must try a tester where I am going for mostly lilac, 
 I am not sure that is a good food colour though?

Then there is the debate about blue and green together.
I like this one, shame about the flat spot 
where I accidentally pushed the wet pot against something.
I have two more sets in the kiln at the moment.
I have tried a few different combinations and will post some pictures
when they come out of the kiln early next week.


Sue said...

I have one of those!! I was overjoyed when Annie brought me home a "Thyme" and in the garden it went, thank you Jayne, I love them!

WJB said...

I love the look of your beakers Jayne