Sunday, November 2, 2014

Swings and Roundabouts

Life is just full of swings and roundabouts
One minute you are up 
and then the world comes crashing down.
I guess it is all about how you handle it.
I have been working very hard to 
get the new studio up and running.
I had lots of help especially my friend Lou 
who painted and carried her way through some annual leave.
 My sister's husband's Aunty and Uncle
 who were camping in our paddock  helped me install the sliding door. 
Polycarbonate will let some morning light into the studio.
An air conditioner was installed 
into the wall space next to the door. 
Lucky as we have already experienced 40 degree afternoons.
The children were quite pink on that day as we only had fans at that stage. 
Brave and determined creative kids to come to class on such a hot day.

 There is one last bit of wall still to build.
The section above the front door.
I have to get the sign writing off, it is upside down and back the front.
The door was from a shop that sold balloons and fireworks.
There has been a lot of recycling on this project.

It has come a long way...and 
we have already held some classes in there.
The first after school students, Amilia and Sasha

This space is going to be fantastic.
I have been using it in the evenings to 
make some things for Christmas markets.
First of which is due out of the kiln today.
Hopefully they are all fantastic and worthy of a post later in the week


Gary's third pottery blog said...

It is LOOKING TERRIFIC indeed :) 40 degrees c!!!! hard for me to imagine that kind of heat. Yesterday morning Ithaca, NY, USA was -3-4 C with some snow blowing around...... :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This space is looking GREAT! You sound excited and I would be too. It's big, open, lots of room for creativity to flow.

Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

smartcat said...

What a great space! There's room for teaching and your work. I hope you continue to give us progress reports.
40 degrees....huh?....until I remembered it's 40 C. not 40 F.!!!

Annie said...

Yeah for progress...the wheels are turning

Caroline said...

Hope to get back there this week. Getting married and moving house has kept me away.

Sue said...

It sounds like your keeping busy and this will keep your mind off the down times, although I know loosing two precious pets in such a short time it's can't be easy. Your studio is looking great can't wait to see the finished product.