Monday, February 9, 2015

Where are my glasses?

Before I leave the house I always instruct the dogs to 
"Guard the house"
Today I went out to buy the newspaper from the servo
at the end of our street.
When I got back I could not find my glasses anywhere.

I walked around and around knowing I had left them at my computer...
I wondered if Luka had played with them?
I had not noticed his harness missing off the table.

 I had a bit of a laugh at his little stash on my bed
Harness, lead, ball and throwing stick and 
my glasses! 
Was he trying to tell me something?

He is not allowed on the bed.
I have noticed a few times when I have gone out that
he can look out the window from the bed.
I close the door but it is open upon my return.
He takes advantage of some freedom.
He sits on MSs' chair also...looking out the window
Waiting for me to come back.
He was a rescue dog so there is some degree of separation anxiety.
You have just got to love his priorities.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Such a sweetie and so smart!

smartcat said...

There is something endearing about animals who wait for our return. Aloysius (kitty) jumps on the shelf by the driveway window as soon as he hears the car turn in the driveway!
I keep an old pair in one specific place so I can put them on to find my glasses. Aging is not for the faint of heart!

Anonymous said...

We loved that story
Mum and Annie on a Wednesday off work

Caroline said...

How does he open the door? I wouldn't fancy dog slobber on my glasses. (I am trying to type with Roxy my eclectus parrot on my hand.)

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