Monday, June 20, 2011

Weeds! Where do they come from?

I have to wonder how did this vege circle get so out of control?
It is a daunting task to reclaim this growing space.
This next circle is half under control after 2 solid hours of weeding.
Thank goodness for the garden fork.
I pinched a few self seeded silver beets from another circle and planted in the freshly weeded circle.
This photo shows the hill building aspect of this flood plain garden. All my circles were built up with available dirt...but there was not enough to raise the level of the whole garden so I paved the paths with bricks of newspapers. I then cover the paper bricks with gum leave raked up from our forest.

It looks a bit messy at this stage but here you can see that the level of the ground has been raised by 2 or 3 newspaper bricks.
It hasn't flooded since this work was done but in 1992 the whole garden as it was then was under water.

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