Thursday, July 11, 2013

Successful Exhibition

I wasn't the only artist to create a 3D animal out of sweat boxes this year.
Peter Campain "Piglet"
This pig was quite amazing.
And the wall hanging dolphin was beautiful.

Graham Collins made both "Silly Scorpion" and "Gilly Goanna"
There was also some furniture, beautiful stamped metal front on this little cabinet.

Joshua Southwell, "Dip tin light"
This starndard lamp was made entirely from dip tins.
Beautiful baskets from refashioned dip tins and a bit of clever metal cutting.
Stephen Gerstenmayer,"Barrow"
This barrow has maintained some of the original lettering.
Most of us locals would remember the Vineleaf stores, a growers co-operative.
"Job well done" by John Fuller
These carved hands were amazing.
The length of the arms meant there was some movement and a gentle tap
would make the hands clap together.
This was last years winning artist I believe.
All in all it has been a successful exhibition with many people coming through each day.
I am sure many of the artists are already formulating their idea for next year.
I certainly am!
Just in case you didn't read my last post
My sculpture "Madonna and Child" sold!
I will make this my Mud Colony post this week even though there is nothing here made of clay.
It is all very creative and I hope the regular potters are inspired by this Agri Art Competition.


Annie said...

Looks great Jayne. What a lot of clever people.

Willow said...

These are all quite amazing. Lucky buyer that purchased your art.

catherine roberts said...

Oh well done!! I was thinking of exhibiting my Windmill painting but if they want to sell it as part of the show I wont be

Anonymous said...

So good to see the cardboard,camel head models, evolve into a 3D sculpture! Looks like a whole lot of creative people, had a good day! Red sold stickers are a good indication!

Caroline said...

We went to see the exhibition today. It was very inspiring. Also checked out the café galleries which we hadn't gotten around to visiting yet.