Friday, July 19, 2013

FFFFFFreezing market today

Just back from the coldest market ever.
Farmers market on the riverfront with a strong south wind.
Tents did not stand up to the gusts and many taken down to prevent damage.
We are not used to extreme cold with wind here in the north west corner of Victoria.
Amazing that any customers braved the wind to support us.
I did notice this amazing flower stalk in the driveway.

I have never seen one before and wonder what it will be like.

No pottery pictures this week but
the next sculpture comp for my students and I is "Pipe Dreams"
The focus of this one is old irrigation pipes turned into art.
No copper or brass allowed.
My entry from last year has brightened a

corner of my garden ever since and I often think

I should make some to sell at the market given I sell cut flowers.
But what would I charge for them?
3 or 5 are required to make any statement.
They have lasted well.
I am formulating my plan for this year.
I am thinking about flag Irises....
but there are at least 6 weeks to plan and create 
so who knows what will happen!
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Annie said...

Definitely sell them at your market...I'm sure people would buy them whatever the price! Maybe the nurseries would even buy for thought.

Anonymous said...

My daughter would certainly buy them.

Anna said...

doing markets in winter is Tough!! Roll on spring!

Caroline said...

It sure was freezing this weekend. I thought we had missed out on Winter this year. Your sculptures are very cheerful. I think you should definitely try selling some.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

freezing or not, fascinating pictures!