Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big couch big task

All three dogs fit comfortably on the very very old couch.
They are a bit hard on the cushions and it is starting to look very shabby
Shelia considering my choice of replacment fabric.
I am in the process of working out a pattern,
this stripey fabric will be the new top
I have some terracotta plain for the underneath.
It will cerainly be an improvement.
They will have to be removeable for washing.
I am sure I can do it!


Annie said...

I'm sure you can! Great project. Perhaps this wkd we will catch up about quilting!

Willow said...

I was just telling the hubs yesterday the living room couch is going to the dogs ...literally. We just got a new couch in May and our three dogs have claimed it !

smartcat said...

I have couches like that. It certainly adds to the general tone of a room!. I like your choice of fabrics...sort of doggy colors...for the most part.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am SITTING on a couch like yours, right now, between the dog and cat! :)