Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hard to fit it all in!

Between teaching and study it is hard to find time for smelling the roses
let alone pulling the weeds.

Thankfully it is winter and watering is not so critical
But this is Mildura and there does need to be
a tap turned on at least once a week.
I picked 13 daffodils for last weeks market.
I will deffinately photograph them before picking next week.
Rannuculi that have escaped the rabbits
are itching to explode in blooms.

Stocks should be enormous by now but still pretty.

I have a fresh circle which will house my gladdioli.
Turned the soil this morning and the ground was loaded with worms!
I think this will be the new home for the gladdies
and their many off spring from last season.
Dame Edna eat your heart out!
Broccoli flowers, just as good as the exotics!
Something not quite right with the blog template
so too frustrating to continue today.


Annie said...

Guess who we bumped into at the Artisans Festival today in Ballarat?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oncoming spring for you and fall for us! funny to see daffodils in August when we see them in April!