Friday, August 23, 2013

Election soon?

                                                 I should be happy with the news and
                                                     might be if I wasn't so annoyed.
                                                 A Ballarat politician has launched a
                                          "Why aren't we using Australian made stuff"
                                                      Why indeed??????????????
                                                               Good for him
                                  and this news item describes him as a blacksmith so he
                             understands the difficulties of making a living from his craft!
                                      Call me cynical but was it made in Australia or
                                      was the parlimentry decal stuck on in Australia.
                          Will this attitude continue once the election is all done and dusted?
                          Suddenly they are talking Australian made cars for politicians, next
                        there may be an improved interest in Australian grown food, gas, paper?
                        It's a fad with a parlimentry prize are, we so desperate to fall for it?
                                   I have been busy this week with my "Pipe dreams"
                        sculpture for the Wentworth show. I will be heading over today
                                                      to photograph it on site.
                                           There was sprinkle of rain overnight
                               but the forecast for the rest of the weekend is good.
                       Check out what has been happening in the world of clay with

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Kim @frogpondsrock said...

The ceramics here were made in Australia :) but yes I feel your cynicism because when I think our politicians can not get any worse, they do.