Friday, August 16, 2013

Awesome Echidna

I had to show you this
David's Echidna
From this

to this
I have a commission to complete
500 Jacaranda flowers for a sculptural tree
at Jacaranda Villiage, an old folks home in Redcliffs.
  I have delivered 240 glazed so far
fiddly work indeed.

They have to be dipped in underglaze, fired then waxed
and dipped in glaze.
A steady hand is needed when loading the kiln.
The domino effect is easily started, frustrating!
I have also been working on some mugs for a local Rotary club
                                         And I found this on the shelf I had forgotten I made it.

It's a bisque fire this weekend so it will be ready for glazing next week.

These little treasures will also be ready for glazing next week too.
The club is working towards an exhibition and we have an oil lamp theme
surprise surpise
This won't be the only turtle.
I will link this to Mud colony,
check out what is happening in other pottery studios this week
by clicking on this link


smartcat said...

Busy days ahead. That's a great little Echidna! Those little forgotten treasures can be great fun; like being given a blank canvas.

Georgia Harvey said...

The jacaranda's one of my favourite trees. Show us a pic of the finished piece?

Annie said...

Get on with those jacarandas, they are FABULOUS and are going to look great. I love the little pencil spikes. Mum and I are enjoying inside time together.