Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spring Onions

Spring Onions are great for cooking and salads.
I love the fresh flavour.
I have shaken lots of seed heads into the garden,

but in true impatient style
I have also planted out some seedlings.
I hold the plants gently in my hand while I shake the soil off the roots.

Being careful not to crush the stems of the young plants.
This should kick start the patch!
The shade created by the sunflowers is quite useful.

I have Cos lettuce and Chinese broad leaf celery planted there,
they get dappled morning sun and they get the afternoon sun
which can be pretty fierce
the Sun flowers grow so tall so quickly this lot is blocking the path.

I could push through but the meat ants are busy farming something and they
jump off the plant onto anyone who dares to push through.
Easier to go around.
I do love sunflowers!
The trick to them looking good in the vase is to
cut, slit up the stem  a couple of cm's to allow easy access to more water.
I need to prune my Kale, I probably should pull it out and replace the plant
but is is still going strong and I think with a prune it will keep going.
I have experimented with one plant that has many young ones up the stem,
it was getting so heavy it has leaned over.
I have tucked it in to the garden bed by raising the soil up to it.

I think it will work.
I might put some fresh plants in anyway, hedge my bets.
I did shake all the self sown kale seeds around these beds.

My handsome companions can always find a shady spot to keep an eye on me.
Stella had  a run in with an ant or bee yesterday.
The camera ran out of batteries
before I could capture her poor swollen face properly.

She has nearly returned to normal this morning.
Her spirits remained high despite the discomfort,
however we did cancel her play date with a Bella the Dalmatian pup.

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Annie said...

Poor Stella....puppies eh!