Saturday, January 5, 2013

Heat wave

We survived the twilight market but sweltered.
With heat wave conditions predicted it was a long hot day preparing.
I had picked my herbs on Thursday evening
all I had to do was flowers on Friday
Up early to beat the sting of the day I picked the flowers
and quickly back inside to bunch up.

The temperature inside was not much better than out so
I borrowed the pottery clubs portable air conditioner
(Thanks Michaal)
What a life saver...kept the house just under 34 degrees.
All produce was looking really good until I loaded the car.

I had the air con on in the car for 15 minutes before I put anything in there.
It was one of the hottest afternoons I have ever experienced.
I survived with several litres of water and
a wet towel around my neck.
Well done to the volunteers and the brave stall holders who attended
and hats off to the public who ventured out and supported the market.
There were more people there than I expected
given it was still well over 44 degrees at 6pm.

The water in the flower jars was nearly hot enough to make a cup of tea.
In future in similar weather I will take extra water.

The silver beet practically cooked in the jar on the stand.
Lettuce lasted about 5 minutes before it looked to sad to sell.
The herbs held up well despite their water heating up as well,
even in the shade.
That's living/surviving  in far north west Victoria


smartcat said...

I still find it odd that you are sweltering in the heat while I am here looking out my window at a lazy snowfall and yet we connect on opposite sides of the planet.

Last summer when I was out in the heat I made a neck roll filled with water storing crystals. It was a life saver....that and my hat.

Stay as cool as you can.

Annie said...

I don't know how you do it - I have been quite stressed with the heat we have been experiencing here, but at least we get a reprieve.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

yes snowing here too, but gosh, 44c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!