Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making the most of a break in the weather

The long hot heat wave has broken,
back to jeans and a jumper,
anyone would think we were down south.
I have been out in the garden and finding lots of self sown things like

Broad leaf Chinese celery
a yummy leafy green that tastes like celery.

Cos lettuce

I have moved them within the circles hoping for a
saleable crop.

The strawberries are merely a treat for the gardener,
that's me...Yum.

Not many make it all the way up to the house.
I am looking forward to cucumbers!
They are funny looking things as they grow.

In my usual fashion I have a basil plant growing much too close to the cucumber,
I have to keep pulling off some leaves so it doesn't get smothered.
The Asters that the rabbits have feasted on are finally coming out.
The replacement seedling mark 4 are still tiny and being chewed
by my furry friends :(
That's gritted teeth I am speaking through.
There is a circle that has planted itself with purple verbena and sunflowers
It's quite stunning but you will have to rely on my word as this photo
 does not give the spectacular impression that it is.


smartcat said...

Are we trading hemispheres? Here in southern New England the temp is 50 F at almost 7:00 AM local time. Actually it's just our January a few days the temps will drop.

Love the combo of sunflowers and purple verbena. I may try something of the sort this summer.

Stay cool!

Lori Buff said...

Nice pictures, you're making me long for my garden.

Gardeningbren said...

These photos make me long for my garden as well. I have really enjoyed looking at your blog posts and admire that you have a market garden. We did that once and it was a very rewarding experience but we mostly sold corn.

Yellow and purple love each other..sunflowers and verbena..great photo.