Sunday, January 20, 2013

Look what Mum noticed!

Look what Mum noticed when she left our place yesterday.
They only last the one day.
Stunning, exotic, white.
We were out in the driveway looking at the current works in progress.
I haven't talked much about it but we have only ever had solar power.
We are not connected to the grid.

Some of you may have noticed the panels in photos like this one.
It has had its draw backs like needing a generator to run things like
washing machines or vacuum cleaners.
Power tools also require the generator.
The system is working OK but as we get a little older it
would be nice to have the luxury of an air conditioner or a microwave.
Well, change is afoot
We are going to be able to plug in our cool room here at home,
there will be three phase power right here at the house.
 I will be able to relocate the pottery studio here!
Run kilns etc.
I am sure I will not like getting the bills!
The house will remain solar powered but we might get a few new power points.
Thanks to the fabulous fellows at Cummins and Noonan
 I had a nice surprise at the Farmers Market on Saturday morning.
A customer said "Are you JB Flowers and Veg?"
" I follow your blog"
I was so excited, it was really nice for her to say g'day.
Turns out she is a quilter from Ballarat.
I don't thinks she knows my sister Annie but has regularly read her blog also.
That is the first time I have had that happen.
Blog tourism.
I do hope she had a nice time in our town.
At least it wasn't too hot, actually it was quite cold on Saturday,
jeans and a jumper till after lunch.


Calidore said...

Gorgeous flower. How exciting to be able to plug in all those appliances although you're right - the bills won't be so exciting. How do you manage without air conditioning? Have to admit I'm curious about your solar power to. We aren't off the grid but do use solar to run most of the house plus we have a generator. It's nice to see the bills coming down slowly as we improve things.

Annie said...

Who was it? I'm dying to know!! So exciting about the power! Did mum tell you we saw one of those beautiful flowers at Christmas time too. I have a piece of that one growing.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gosh, so many pretty flowers! funny about solar--I wish the technology would improve efficiency, because you guys sure do get a lot of sunshine!

smartcat said...

What a beauty! I lived off the grid for many years. Some part of me misses it, but oh the convienience!