Monday, February 18, 2013

Orange socks

I am a fan of orange 
When I was feeding the animals the other night I could not resist this image.

Nor this one which puts it all in perspective.
An artist friend has recently given my his colour theroy and
orange is the colour of love he says.

The camels are not always pleased to share their dinner
The sheep just sneak their way in.
I try and feed them further down the fence line
I am sure Winston (on left) has a few favourite woolly girls.
I often see him having his daily siesta sitting with the sheep.
He is very protective of the lambs but not able to prevent the odd
fox snatch and grab.

A grumpy camel will stamp his foot,
just like a grumpy sheep who will also stamp her foot..
I have been known to stamp my foot when I am trying to get the dogs to do something.
They know I mean business when I do that. 

They are funny animals.
I love the variety in their voices.
I guess a Shepard of old would know his sheep by the sound of their voices.
Some are shrill and full of worry. Then there is the deep no drama Baa
The mothers call out to their babies and if the baby has been slow
to respond there is insistent distress until the return call is heard.
It's a real orchestra.
Every time I see this next photo as a thumb nail I am confused by what it is of.

Much easier now it is larger.

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Mum said...

Love the animal pictures Jayne. I shall stamp my foot too if Winston comes over and eats our newly sown pasture ! Happy days