Monday, February 11, 2013

Soaking in the sun

I was out in the paddock checking on the rabbit warrens and I spied this fellow soaking in the sun.
He calmly watched me slowly approach.
The Labradors leaping all around the place, unaware what
I was watching and trying hard not to disturb, just lucky
they were more interested in each other. 

It's times like these when it is great to have a camera in my pocket,
and I just happened to have mine on me.

I haven't seen one of these lizards on our side of the farm in a long time.
They are often seen on fence posts along the driveway in the middle of the farm.
I think it is a bearded dragon but it was not puffing out its collar.
It is so dry out there, there has been no rain this year at all.
Predicted for this weekend (market weekend. Oh no)
We have been irrigating with our big sprinklers all summer but
The pasture is still suffering.
I have been out there chip hoeing the paddy melons as they come up.
I have to eliminate the Khaki weed also.
Just when I think it is all done, I wait a few days and have another walk around,
then go a get the hoe.
Its a good fitness exercise, flat tummy stuff.
I could not believe the luxury at Michaal's bee hive the other day.
I knew she had rigged up a coolgarde type arrangement to cope with those over 40 days.
The blue drum sits atop the silver one and drip feeds water to a hessian cover that sits over the hive.
It has blown over but can be seen behind the hive.

I could hardly believe the green grass under the hive.
What luxury!
You might notice there are additional ant sumps under the grass
Meat ants have proven to be a fatal pest for the bees
swooping on to any poor soul that lands on the ground.
We have noticed that occasionally one meat ant will make it into the hive but is quickly ousted by the bees.
They are well established here now, I think one box is full and they are now filling up the top box.
That means there will be a honey dividend this year!
On a hot day it smells sweet as I walk past.


Annie said...

Lots of good things to look at there Jayne. Will honey be a new line at the market?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Such different worlds we live in, lizards and roasting sun for you, piles of snow for us! (to answer your questions: We have 2 decks in back, yes, kind like balconies, and that is how we get in and out of the house usually, so yes, shoveling it in the pic, and snow can be fluffy and airy and not sticky but is usually sticky, not like sand, and so you dig the shovel in and hoist it aside :)

smartcat said...

Warm, sunny with growing stuff and shaded honey bees. Your photos help keep me going until spring...... by the calendar about a month reality.....welllllll.....