Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Look what Jude gave me

My friend Jude has an eye for the creative arts.
She has an office worker mate who plays in his shed with different ideas
She commissioned a camel for me.

It's a beauty!
Thanks Jude.

I have popped it in the garden near my Yr 11 self portrait
The hanky was a hot day addition just a year or so ago.

I am surprised that the hanky has not disintegrated given the hot sun treatment
My teacher was a perfectionist and insisted we all did a good job
We spent a whole term on the 3D portrait.
He was a hard task master and for that I am grateful
I wonder what he would think about the hanky.
It made me smile.
I have linked this to Mud Colony.. check out some other potters @


smartcat said...

Blogging is a world of contrasts. The site I was on before yours was http://zettepicaday.blogspot.com/.

That is one cool camel; I happy to see your head has some sun protection!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

What a fantastic camel,you lucky person!!

Elaine Bradley said...

Love the camel but the hanky rocks that garden for me