Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Full swing

The year is now officially in full swing.
Uni classes back 2 x1/2 days a week, afterschool kids classes 2 times a week,
Night classes for the general community 2 nights a week.

Last weekend there were 2 markets too.
Not much time for the garden.
The weeds have run riot!
Finally out there this morning and I got to thinking about the weed names.
This one is called "love grass"
I wonder who  coined that name?
It is the worst stuff, sticks to every thing.
If you get it on your socks there is nothing you can do but throw them out.
Near on impossible to remove.
It is very important not to let them get away and seed.
What's that saying, "One years seeding equals seven years weeding"

When you try and peel it off what ever it is stuck on, the seeds remain fixed
and all that is removed is the stalk.
Love grass?
I wonder if they have this weed in other parts of the world .
The other one I had to dig out this morning
Gentle Annie
There is nothing gentle about this weed.
It too sticks fast and is near on impossible to remove.
If you get on on your hand it must be flicked off because
if you try and pull it off it will stick to the prying fingers.
It hurts.
It got me thinking about the invention of velcro.
Nature has many secrets and good ideas.
I often think there is a purpose for everything but I cannot for the life of me
find a good excuse for these two weeds.

 I have a sticking problem with some lidded pots I made
I try and fire them with the lid on so that any warping  is done together.
This works about 50% of the time for me.
This next pot was to be part of a set of dinner ware for us.
Turns out it was a garden ornament all along.
I did try to prize the lid off and broke one.
I accepted defeat with this one and put it in the garden before I broke it too.
I have to make the fit a bit looser. A couple of mm's smaller than the base pot.
I will have to keep trying.
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Annie said...

I even found some love grass in my garden and VERY quickly got rid of it. That purple verbina is a bit of a weed in my garden at the moment - big garden weekend this long weekend. VERY busy at my work

Linda Starr said...

in california those weeds were called goat heads and here in florida they are called sand spurs, either way they are the worst weed there is I think.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

It is funny, but I have never fired lids on. Only the bisque, which works for me.