Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Tuesday sculpture class in my forest

Today was a continuation of last Tuesdays sculpture class.
Working on the concept of ephemeral sculpture we took to the forest

I tried to recreate Andy Goldsworthy again.

It is certainly more difficult than it looks.
I am sure he had perfectly straight sticks, long sticks and soft ground.
We have none of that except the sand becomes soft if it is dug over.

I tried burying the sticks for stability.
I seem to be getting one side right and then it all starts to fall over.
I wonder if Andy uses some pins or brads to hold it in place until complete.

I think will
We had company out there. The older two happy to sit and watch.
I was happier when Skittles sat down. Her big chocolate tail is quite strong and she kept
knocking down my sticks...
I bet Andy didn't have a wagging dog destroying his work before it was complete

Shelia blends in with the surroundings quite well.
Stella was on lizard alert and chased  little lizards all over the place.

The drop tail variety....

She was very busy and will sleep well this afternoon


Annie said...

You,re lucky to have your very own forest to work in.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey there, what awesome dogs! they look hot...still snowing here in northern NY state, no school today...