Saturday, March 30, 2013

First quarter gone!

The biggest market of the year is on this Saturday morning.
I have had fractured preparation time for it with many spare hours spent
at the dentist :( Distracting me from my Egyptian paste bead making.
A back tooth broke which led to preparation for a crown, then
a temporary crown, reattach temporary crown after it came off,
and off it came again four days later.

I don't think the dentist understands how precious my spare time is.
I also have to confess to being influenced by a potter who blogs
This tea pot would have to be considered a homage to Gary Rith.
I am planning to glaze it in a thick Tenmoku and attach a cane handle.
We are just part way through the process...don't boil the kettle just yet.
I did try to be organised and started this post about Thursday....
It's now after the market which was huge and it is a bit hard to patch these thoughts together.

I would rather be weeding or planting out new seedlings,
or preparing some ground for the spring bulbs.
That's when I can dream up new things to make....
I have a couple of sculpture exhibitions in the next term to work towards.
Ideas are brewing and I am getting excited.
I have to make a new head and neck for this camel.
I would really like the head to move and a plan is formulating
But I have to focus on market preparation, pack the plant tins,
make the list.
Pot up some oregano (sold!) , garlic& borage from self sown plants in the garden.
Inform the council of my intention to trade, 5 days in advance, every
 If that's not paperwork overload...or administrative justification....I don't know.
We have extremely high food standards here in Australia
yet we have become a net importer of food
from countries with much lower standards
and much lower wages.
I tried to comply but the computer path became very confused, not simple and for lack of acceptable  passwords I simply wrote to the council to inform of my intention to trade, which was not certainly not acceptable and a phone call was required.
It's still not sorted and there are many more markets on the agenda. Oh my! I do hate paperwork.
I am glad I grow my own food, it's not jet lagged when it reaches my plate.
Nor has it been fumigated, or radiated or sprayed with anything while growing.
You simply can't get fresher than the 5 minute walk from garden to kitchen.
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Anna said...

I'm impressed by your eygptian paste beads, I've tried several times and never happy with the results. Do you mix your own?
That teapot is looking good *fingers crossed*

Annie said...

Glad the market went well. Boys home at 6.30pm. That makes 2 of us for hating paperwork...I'd much rather be gardening, or making, in my sewing room!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

My goodness you are a sweetie, thanks for the mention and HOLY CATS that teapot is the BEST! What a sweet pup! And Egyptian paste sure does have the best color doesn't it?