Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peace has returned

Peace and quiet has returned to the farm.
The car park has morphed back into a paddock.

We don't mind sharing our paddock with the Mildura Ski Club
to help them with their big race.
It's just once a year.

It's fun to have a paddock called "The Hellipad"
The pilots had little understanding of electric fences though and had tied their bunting
 all over the fence and then wondered why people were getting a tingle.
Requesting the electricity be turned off.
The camels can tell when the fence is not alive and begin to put pressure on it in other places.

This time they did not break it.
That was good luck not good management!

The ski race is 50 km's up river and 50 km's back. All at the fastest rate they can manage.
I think the skiers are a bit mad to hang on at that speed

This is the start and finish line and plenty of people turned out to watch the action.
There were groups of people all along the river enjoying the action.
Michaal captured some good photos from her vantage point and
became the impromtu photographer for one of the lead boats.
She has posted them at Michaal Fletcher on facebook.

The bees were not happy with the high octane activities...or
they did not like me pinching the flowers to sell.
I copped a sting to the face and have been quite swollen all week.

Its not a good look.
I had to cancel the latest dentist appointment,
I was worried my how the dentist's drugs would interact with the bee's sting.
This is the new look Egyptian paste bracelet.
No need to take on and off, just tie it on!
A double sided adjustable knot.
It can be tightened but this leather is a bit thick, so I can feel
a bit of a change coming on.


Willow said...

Ouch, sorry about that bee sting. The Egyptian paste bracelet with the two shades of blue is quite nice.

Annie said...

Oh Jayne, mum told me about the sting - you poor thing. Sounds like you've had a busy Easter. I've been enjoying some down time from school. Love the bracelet

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH NO! Post pics of yerself when you feel better, hmm? :) BTW, one of our coldest April mornings in recent memory at 12 F....which is what, minus 10-15 C? BRRR!

smartcat said...

Nice beads and bracelet! Bee stings are no fun! I hope you recover soon.

It sounds like a fun few days, but the quiet is probably welcome!