Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring bulbs

I have been spending so much time at the dentist
and at work, and there have been so many extra markets on the weekends
The weeds have taken over.
I have been feeling really jealous of those northern hemisphere
gardeners that have 6 months off every year.

I like the sound of that, but the fact that it comes with huge drifts of snow
puts me off when I really think about it.
Our fabulous climate has weeds growing 24/7 all year.
I have been making a concerted effort to get the spring bulbs in the ground.
I saved last years corms, labeled and sorted.

All I need is a empty garden bed.
At long last...this actually took a full day to clear, about 4 wheel barrows full.
It is easier to put the chooks over it but there were still Zinnias flowering in there.
So by hand it had to be.
These dahlias are stunning and the rabbits didn't find them so I have been cutting
lots of long stemmed blooms.
Despite there being no pottery in this post I will include it in the
as this is what I do when I am not throwing pots or making camel lamps.
I have to organise a quote for mugs for a Rotary club and as soon as the weeds are
under control I will get to it.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

It snowed Sunday morning, which I blogged, but getting up to 70 F soon :) SPRING! That is the northern hemisphere, our end of it, anyway. You seem to have hot and hotter. I love the flowers, esp. those yellow ones there!

smartcat said...

Sunny and warmer today, but I think temps are still low for this time of year.

To be able to grow stuff (dahlias!) outside year round seems like an amazing luxury.

Georgia Harvey said...

I love the chook dome! I wish I had the space to be able to move my chooks about. You seem to have the perfect balance of productivity and creativity in your world JB!