Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mildura Pottery Club

It's at least a year since this photo was taken
We were hoping to demonstrate to our benevolent landlord MADEC
that our club would be a useful addition to their newly acquired
Old Mildura Homestead, which is a tourist park
with an old shearing shed and a few other old buildings.
We have been an active club for many years and MADEC has been the keeper
of the pottery studio for approximately 30 years but,
despite this ongoing popularity MADEC cannot find a suitable space for us and has run out
of funds and desire to maintain its focus
 on providing creative opportunities for the community.
Especially grubby ones like pottery, a space which cannot be shared with other crafts.
The desire to pursue pottery as hobby is still strong and thanks to my Mum and her garage
Note the mosquito net skirt at the top of the door.
We have a large net that we cover the entire opening with.
It comes off after class and would be rolled up on one of those chairs.
We have continued to create things with clay,
conduct children's classes and support adult potters
with the space and equipment to pursue their ideas in clay.
Like these cute animals that Caroline made this week.

A new space might be on the horizon...fingers crossed.
We will keep you all informed through the potters online collective
Click on this link to see what some other potters have been up to this week.


Anna said...

keeping fingers crossed :^) love that sheep!

Caroline said...

Thanks for showing off my animals! And thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. I think everyone has been very resilient to keep going despite being homeless. Thanks to your Mum for her generosity in letting us mess up her garage.