Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bearded Dragon in the garden

I was surprised to notice this lizard in the house yard.
With three lively dogs this game lizard came out of the undergrowth
and headed for a wild tomato bush,
where it sat and ate quite a few berries.

I was amazed there was time for me to go inside and
grab the camera.

The dogs are given strict "lizards are ok training"
Usually its the stumpy tail ones in the yard,

I don't think I have ever seen a bearded dragon this close to the house.
It was hard to keep in the view finder...they blend very well with the landscape.
It had an eye in the sky for most of the encounter and
I wondered if it was afraid of the butcher bird that was hanging around.
In an Art sense.....
One of my favourite tasks for my sculpture students is sand sculpture.

The Mildura Ski Club is on the riverfront in front of our farm.
They have a good clean beach which is usually deserted in the day time during the week.

I can't resist joining in the opportunity.
My student was creating an eagle...It has a Thunderbird shape
There was a family enjoying the river and a wake boat
I don't know what they thought of our activities.
I thought it a most pleasant morning's work.
I think I was channelling Henry Moore


Annie said...

The top photo looks like someone with their head in their arms.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

wow, you live in a place where bearded dragons just wander around...and we have more snow expected :)