Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New 2nd hand kiln

A local pottery (Murry Gum Pottery) closed down a few years ago
allowing the owners to pursue different careers.
They have decided to move house and despite not operating the
kiln for several years it was difficult for them to let it go.
One  owner, husband and wife team.
Large, gas, comes with shelves and props to suit.
And an enormous set of shelves.
It comes with a new stainless steel flue, the old one had recently rusted away.
Their neighbour came over with his trusty tractor, the famous Grey Fergie kind.
A legendary tractor in these parts. Attributed to the saving of Wentworth from the 1956 floods.
It was the biggest recorded flood in this area, my house has a mark near the
mantle piece that denotes how far under water it went back then.
It is refered to as a 1 in  100 year event 
It is also the reason why we are not allowed to develop much on our land.
In case it happens again

We live approximately 15 km's from here, it was a slow drive home.
It hasn't rained all year but of course it is predicted for toady, tomorrow, and the day after.
So we had to find undercover storage space.
Shame the shearing shed is unavailble.
The wood shed is now completely filled with the kiln,
with a tarp cover to make sure everything stays dry.
I am hoping 2013 will mean a new studio for the Pottery Club.
Its been a long time coming and I won't hold my breath but I will keep you informed.
I am linking this post with Mud Colony which is a potters platform and it has been a while so I hope you can check it out by clicking this link

I am looking forward to using some of my reduction glazes having only fired in electric kilns these last few years.
I have been very busy in the garden as per usual and I thought I would share a photo of the basil circle. It's going gang busters at the moment.
I am selling many bunches a week...make hay while the sun shines they say.

I am also trialling growing Lisianthus.
There is a white flower in the centre of this photo.
I knew I would be really pampering this circle of Basil,
that's why I planted the Lisianthus there, I have a pink, purple and this white.
I am hoping it is a perennial plant as that means
I will have 4  x 2 year old plants next spring, if the frost doesn't muck things up.


Anna said...

Looks like agreat kiln - still all bright and shiny. will have to look up Lisianthus, don't know that at all.. see you over on Mud Colony :)

Lori Buff said...

Oh, you're going to have some fun with that. It looks like it's in great shape too.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Good luck, and my goodness, it looks HOT around there....