Saturday, February 9, 2013

I wonder ?

I wonder if I can grow Dutch Iris from seed.
If I can grow garlic from seed, these pea like seeds should
produce Dutch Iris plants.
I cant remember if this pod was from the blue or yellow variety.
Either way they are stunning.
They are the blue/purple ones at the back on the left.
What a bonus if I can increase my plant stock.
The red curly Kale looks great set next to the Lebanese Egg plant.
The plants are producing well and we are enjoying
them on the BBQ and warm in a leafy green salad.
Fresh from the garden and you
just can't get better than that!


Annie said...

I'm growing some seeds from bulbs, but they take a long time. Thinking of putting my little ones in bigger pots together. You should come for a drive to my place and get some cuttings and bulbs. Maybe I'll bring you some in a couple of weeks!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

just gorgeous, all of it...our house had been painted ten years ago to match those exact blue-purple iris, with dark purple and yellowish accents...and...we painted it light green this year :) the flowers are still in our yard though! (under snow that is)