Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Michaal's bees

Michaal is a pottery friend.
She is into growing and using herbs but doesn't have her own place yet.
 I offered our forest to get her started with her dream of keeping bees.
It's really hot here today
I went to walk the dogs and check on Michaal's bees
We planted these trees 20 years ago thinking we would sell fire wood.
It was our superannuation paddock. 

This is about 8.30 am and they are shaded for the most of the day.
The sun rising in the east which ahead and to the right of this photo.

There were a few problems in the beginning.
Local ants invaded and there was a bit of a massacre,
M put some oil tins under the legs and installed a landing runway.
This has sorted out the ants. Thank goodness.

I have noticed an increase of bee activity in my vege garden.
I have also noticed an increase of native bees which is interesting.
They may be fanning cooler air into the hive here.
I am looking forward to the honey.
I do keep my distance from the hive as I don't want to upset them.
This is proof that it is very hot today.
I worked down at the seedlings until 1pm then came up for lunch.
The thermometer is inside at our front door.
The top reading is the inside temperature.
45.4 outside.
Thank goodness for low humidity and a light cloud cover.
I keep checking the weather radar in search of rain.
We might get lucky in a few hours but I would not be surprised
if it all evaporates before it gets here.


gz said...

A good joint project, bees and veggies!

Can we see some of Michaal's work please?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

....and so very cold and snowy in NY today....gosh, reminds me of that Midnight Oil song 25-30 years ago, a line mentioning boiling diesels, I think, at 45 degrees.....

Annie said...

How exciting to look forward to real honey. I had lots of bees buzzing around my poppies today.