Monday, November 26, 2012

Leek Flowers

I particularly like leek flowers.
I think they are beautiful, architectural,
unlike most commercially grown cut flowers

I once gave them to fellow staff members as a thank you
for their extra work on a performance.
Everyone was taken by their unusual shape
nobody guessed what they were.
Some of the impressedness was lost (hows that for a word?)
when I told them the truth.

Red French Shallot flowers are even better.

They are white white white.
Like a firework
Very similar to the leek but crisp in their whiteness, no pink tinge.
I never know whether to save the seeds or sell the flowers.
$2.00 a bloom.
The seeds saved would be way more than a packet of seeds.
This bee didn't even wait for the flower to hatch!
Gladys coming on, they are not liking our heat wave.
38 degrees C today and 43degrees C predicted for Thursday
These dahlias were bought as seedlings.
I couldn't resist and have been rewarded with colour.
I wonder if they will form corms or tubers for next year.
I'm inside avoiding the heat,
Clearly avoiding house work by playing on the computer.
Oh well!


smartcat said...

It's so easy to forget how pretty many vegetable flowers are; thanks for the visual reminder.
I always used to let the dahlia seedlings go every winter, but this year I liked some of them so much that I dug them to winter over. and, yes, there are toes.....small but healthy and well-formed.
Love you reminders of summer!

Annie said...

I love the vegi flowers too. I've had a huge carrot flower at my back door for ages. I sowed a packet of zinnias and got 9 up. I might have to gat some more as I loved them last year. I get stuck with the robot too!