Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's so good to be out in the garden again
A bit daunting, lots of weeds
Circles that need to be totally cleared and replanted.
I still have to take it easy and not over exert myself
Mr Flowersandveg helped redo a whole circle while I was out of action
Now planted with egg plant, capsicums, globe artichoke
Silver beet and some basil

Salvia Hormium
This is a new favourite
Salvia Hormium
It has a grey leaf with a delicate purple and white flowers up the stem
It is the leaves at the top of the plant that have the most colour
They turn from grey to purple
masquarading as flowers.
I love it!
The poppies were spectacular
now I am just growing seed and thinking of baking bread
to put the seed on.
The wild rabbits ate many of these seedlings
I should know better than to have them on the ground.
Space in the nursery becomes a bit of a problem over spring.

These are Aster seedlings
I am hoping to sell the flowers in my bunches at the market
It will be a few weeks before I am picking these ones.
They are safe from the rabbits anyway, and should survive until I plant them out.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I have heard that Australia has MANY rabbits. Good golly what a pretty spring garden!

gz said...

can you put chicken wire to protect from rabbits? Not very pretty, but worth it!!