Sunday, November 18, 2012

Market preparation

This is our Thursday pick for the Sunraysia Farmers Market
Buckets and buckets of flowers.  
A box of ranunculus corms.
Coriander roots for cooking
This is after I raided Mum's garden on Friday morning.
30 bunches of flowers later I was ready to pack the car.
I had spent much of the week before packing seeds
Its a messy time consuming job.
Lots of brown paper bags with seeds of various plants.
Looking at this photo I am wondering where my workspace went.

                                                    I managed to pack a few spares too!
Took 60 packets to the market and brought 60 home!
Oh well, maybe next time.
I cant resist this little black puppy. Stella.
She needs something in her mouth all the time so we got her
a yellow puppy called "Digga"
This may protect some of my things from being chewed!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh the pup :) It is always funny thinking of you guys at mid-summer for Christmas, nice and warm and sunny, sigh!

Annie said...

Glad your eyes are much better. I HAVE been thinking of you.