Thursday, November 8, 2012

New camera

To celebrate my newly restored eye sight
I bought a new camera.
Stella (puppy)  had crunched the old one.
I was in a shop replacing the phone cord she crunched through yesterday
(there is a pattern forming here)
when I saw a Nikon happy snapper on special
So i snapped it up.
My sister Annie always took great photos with hers
I had considered a DSLR, a digital manual camera however for what I want
This is light and convenient.

The Maltese Cross are flowering all over the garden at the moment.
I have been making buttons
They are fiddly but they do come up all right.
I will have to do some sewing to make use of them.
I made some over sized buttons to convert into camel eyes.
It is hard to put the eyelids on!
Tenmoku, the traditional Japanese glaze
is quite a colour match for camel eyes.
These are for the replacement head of my sweatbox camel sculpture.
I wanted to show you that but the uploading of photos today
 is just too long and I have mucked up a couple of times so I am over it!
Gives me something to talk about another day.
Thank you to all who helped me survive the cataract operation
and the subsequent enforced rest.
You know who you are and I am truly grateful.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh yes, best wishes with sight and health indeed! But wait, the puppy ate your camera?!