Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The fog has lifted

I do believe I am better off for my walk on the blind side.
How quickly I lost the sight in one eye!
I now have a much better understanding of the difficulties experienced by
those who have vision problems.
I am so happy to be living in this day and age
where cataracts are regularly operated on successfully.
The hardest part of this whole experience is doing nothing for a week
post operation.

It is surprising just how easy it is to put pressure on the eyes.
Bending over for example puts pressure on our eyes.
Putting shoes on, patting the dog, lifting anything heavy.
Gardening is totally out for a week at least.
If not two.
I can't even move the hoses as that is a lot of bending.
Last month we had 6mm of rain
when the long term average for October is 30 mm
so there is a fair deal of hose moving on a regular basis
just to keep it all alive.

 I have been banished inside,
and I will just have to stay there for a few more days.
Mr Flowersandveg has been great, very understanding and very helpful
He even hung a few new/old drawings for me.
One that was given to us by a dear friend and artist from New Zealand
Robyn Gibson. 20 years ago.
Just recently framed. Its two fish sleeping.
It was a wedding present,
the other one, a camel we bought ourselves about 10 years ago

I am so pleased they are finally on the wall, where I can see them.

And I can see them!
Thanks for all your kind thoughts regarding the operation.
So far so good.


Annie said...

So glad it all went well Jayne. I can see better too now I have new glasses. Multi focals no less.

smartcat said...

What great news! I have followed you closely on this as it's something I will be facing in the nearish future.
Toes crossed for continued good recovery!

gz said...

Hi and thanks for the comment. Interesting blogpost as my Pirate will have his cataract done- when it gets bad enough....