Monday, December 3, 2012

Louie Tomatoes

We have an old Italian friend Louie,who brings us morning tea
every Red Cliffs market.
He grows the biggest tomatoes.
They are all flesh.
They cover the entire slice of bread when sliced for a sandwich.
He brought some seedlings to the market last month
I planted them in my new garden bed
A month later

The Louie tomatoes are on the right
I have also grown some Roma's on the left.
Cucumbers on the old gate.
Hungarian Paprika for spice along the front.
They all survived the heat wave and are now shivering with the
onset of summer and the cool change.

Some of you may remember this garden bed project I started
and then questioned my decision. 
In my haste to plant it up I did not wait for the soil to settle
and as a result it needs heaps of a top up.
More soil and the end needs to be completed.
The flowering purple verbena hasn't stopped blooming but will need to be removed and then replanted once the top up soil has been installed.
I get too excited and rush things.
There is a lesson for me with this project.

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Annie said...

I am always impatient too. Love the triangle idea though. Mum arrived safely and is tucked up in bed. Day off together tomorrow.