Saturday, December 8, 2012

Silver beet a hardy staple.

Silver beet is my most prolific plant
in the vege garden.
It self seeds everywhere.
In fact it self seeds so prolifically that I have to weed/thin it out
so the plants aren't crowding each other too much.
It is popular on my market stall and
also popular at PJ's supermarket where I maintain a leafy green section
in their fruit and vegetable department.

I also supply fresh herbs at PJ's but they are a much slower trade.
Basil would have to be the most popular herb.

The plant nurseries bring in seedlings way before the ground is warm enough for the plants.
I have had a stream of disappointnted gardeners
complaining that their basil just isn't growing.

It's just sitting there waiting for the ground to warm up.
I don't think they realise that plant growers trick the seeds with heat beds.
Artificially warming the soil to get the jump on summer.
I don't do that and as a result many folk have already planted their basil
by the time mine is ready naturally.
If you look after the plant, not letting it go to and stay flowering,
it will feed you until the first frost which in some years can be as late as May.

I plant out my basil for picking in the rows.
As far as popularity goes, Coriander comes a close second, however,
Coriander is difficult to grow here. It just bolts to seed.
This climate in summer is just too hot for such a culinary delight.
I have tried to trick this herb by growing it in a shade house over summer.
It won't be fooled however so
 rule of thumb in Mildura is, Basil in summer and Coriander in winter.


Annie said...

I even got tricked with Basil too early this year. I had to do the second plant - who's the winner? The tricky nursery. Glad you are honest

Gary's third pottery blog said...

ohmygosh, our basil is so anemic, LOOKIT YOURS! of course, ours is in a wee pot on a cold windosill....

smartcat said...

Isn't it great that the Silver Beet which is what I call "weed prolific" is also a popular vegetable!? How often does that happen? My basil was amazing this year. We ahad a bit of a drought to I used washing machine water for my gardens......they loved it!