Thursday, December 13, 2012

These are the latest camels out of the kiln

I am taking them to the farmers market tomorrow
It's really a food only market but I figure
a camel is required for ease of eating the food at an evening BBQ

Besides, they look good in front of the herbs,
and they will be guarding the ceramic plant tags.
These are three wise camels...
don't know what happened to their men?
My after school pottery kids need a quick finish activity for the last day
Usually its about time and patience but at Christmas time it is all about
We made some stars and trees.
Kids love glitter and I have to say in the right place it is fine
It works a treat on our stars.
These are really thin and fired unglazed to stoneware temperature,
then painted with acrylic paints.
A great take home activity for the last day of pottery for the year.
I have focused on pottery this post as I am going to share it with
Mud colony
If you like hand crafted, unique, not off a boat from China
 check them out by clicking on this link.


Annie said...

Good luck with those camels and the plant tags...should go well. How are you going? I,m hanging on by a thin thread, looking forward to the end of next week

smartcat said...

I'm in love with those camels!

Anna said...

great camels - hope the market went well for you.