Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zinnia time of year again

I always know it is time when a self sown Zinnia pops up.
You can see the environment could be described as harsh
But this little seedling is on a mission
This one is out in the rows.
I have raised some seeds and planted them in a circle.
It was supposed to be purple...pink will do!
Again out in the rows, this is a self sown Lions tail.
Hanging out with the Iris's
I really respect a plant that grows itself.
I also respect those plants that can survive our extreme temperatures
These Calla Lillies got a bit fried on that 45 degree day
Today we are expecting 40
My Roma Tomatoes are flowering and fruiting.
I am sure we will get a red one by Christmas.

This is the best patch of tom's Ive grown in a while.
With all this on offer
I have been surprised and frustrated that the rabbits have enjoyed my Asters

They have eaten the centres out of these poor specimens repeatedly.
I have replanted  and replanted but have just the one flowering

This will make it hard to fill my flower sales for the remainder of December
Blasted bunnies, sure they are cute but...
you should see what they are doing out in the paddock.
I'd sure like to blast them.


Annie said...

Why aren't my zinnia's self seeding???

Gary's third pottery blog said...

a red tomato for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!