Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It rained!

27ml's of rain.
Over two days,good soaking rain
with a stange dry day inbetween on a market preparation day.

With so much rain the night before it was clear that just a few more ml's
would cancel the market. But the sky, cloudy but dry.
We spent a lot of time looking at the radar.
A monsoon off the Western Australian coast was feeding into our low pressure system.
 I decided early that it was going to rain and did not pick any flowers.
Had some in the cool room but left the ones in the paddock.
The market was called off at 3.30pm
My friend Lou and I planted daffodils,
200 of them. It will look fantastic!
Half of the circle on the left is Rannuculi
I'll repost a "before and after" in spring.
I can't wait!

Lou helped plant these trees in 1993
From little tube stock trees grown from seed collected in Silverton, near Broken Hill.
A fabulous forest.
It was designed to be our superannuation paddock.
Inside while it was raining I tried making a machette for this years
Sweat box art exhibition.
Sweat boxes are timber boxes were used to take dried sultanas to the packing sheds.

I have made ceramic buttons for eyes but they are looking a bit alien on that messy table.
Tenmoku is very close to a camels eye colour.
I want to make a new head for a body I made some years ago
Made from 2 sweat boxes, I like this body but the original head was never quitre right

I have three weeks to complete this,
best I get on to it!

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