Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quince experiment

I have many quinces still on the tree

There was so much fruit this year a branch broke.

I have never cooked them to eat, but I have enjoyed many years of quice jelly
made by mother inlaw, Patsy M

Natures own bee less honey..yum
This year I want to be able to talk with my market customers
 about coking them.
Customers have raved about roasted quice being delicious,
so that will be on the menu this week too.
Husband put a recipie book in front of me this morning and suggested

Chocolate quince tart.
He even bought a tart pan
so I guess he is already tasting this in in his imagination.

I am not the cook in this house so it is quite the challenge

especially on such a glorious winters day.....
only a few clouds in the sky and 16 degrees C
                                           I think the scarecrow could do with a new out fit it,
looks like his arms have dropped.
With the sun so low on the horizon there is much shade in the garden.
Just one week to go before the shortest day of the year
then the sun begins it's climb back in the sky.
I have to show you my favourite weed....
its a salvia that self seeds every where.

I call it "Rogue red"
I think if you must have weeds, they should be beautiful, and easy to pull out.
This one easily meets that criteria

Michaal's bees love this one, as do I


Annie said...

Good luck with the cooking...called you today for a chat, but alas, you had escaped into the sunshine. Have a good week. Week 10 no less!

smartcat said...

It's so strange to think that while we are looking forward to the longest day of the year you are heading for the shortest. I don't think you have the winter cold that we have.
My Nanu had a quince bush in her yard. I wonderful childhood memories of her making quince jelly.
Please keeps us informed about your cooking adventures.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

your winter is warmer than our summer so far ;)