Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jack Frost

The ground was cruchy this morning when I took the dogs for a walk.
I knew it was cold but had not realised just how cold.

I don't think I have captured the ice in all its glory
There are icicles on every thing, albeit tiny.
I might borrow a super camera from uni to see if I can get some better shots.

We are so lucky with our winter sunny days
but it is the sun on the ice that does all the damage.
Evening primrose can handle just about anything including frost and sun
It's a shame that these thistles also thrive in these conditions
I will have to eliminate them before any flowers appear this year.


Annie said...

Jack was here too this morning. Love the leaves shots. I bought some hand warmer s and some feet warmer s at the chemist today

Willow said...

Our Summer Solstice starts in a few hours ...to see frost just seems so odd ~ the world is amazing.