Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rabbits love Rannuculi

It doesn't take the rabbits long to find the sweetest things.
I wasn't sure but I had a bit of an idea
that my bulbs weren't safe.

The furry little blighters ate my Asiatic Lilliums last year,
They also ate my dahlias,
my Calla lillies,

and anything else they could get there furry little faces close to.
I have to cage up sections of my garden and hope they don't burrow

This was initially constructed for a clucky chook as a safe nursery for her
and her chicks when they hatched. 
I did hope that the Owl may scare them off but they are not afraid of plastic
Its a shame!

Fingers crossed my efforts works will be successful.


Annie said...

I hope so too

smartcat said...

Aaaarrrrgh! Isn't gardening fun?
I don't know if it will work for the bunnies but I have found the best deer deterrent is chili powder made into a spray. It saved my hostas and some of the day lilies, after the initial devastation.