Thursday, June 20, 2013

More camel lamps

With some interest from a Canadian reader,
I have made more camel lamps.

Perfect for using citronella oil if mosquitos are a problem in you area
as they are here in Mildura in summer.

I could hardly believe my eyes to see some mosquitos in the studio on Wednesday night.
It has been freezing, did they come in for the heater?
They were slow.....easy targets...but just as annoying as they are in summer.
This last few weeks have been an exciting time for the Pottery club.

We have been working out of my mother garage since our purpose built studio was demolished
(to make way for a swimming pool for the disabled).
Note the recycled drug cabinet we got from an old folks home.
All those drawers make it easy to organise the tools and
the children have more fun putting the tools away.
With 7 or 8 adults in here it gets a little personal.
Many of the wheels have been left in storage
Just a week ago we recieved couincil permission to build a new studio.
Now for the funding phase...
We are working on a storyboard for the video clip which will accompany our
crowd funding effort. Which platform shall we use?
More on that later.
Any ideas or suggestions greatfully accepted.
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Adriana Christianson said...

Oh crikey Jane !
All the best for your funding application & strength to your group !!What a great community you are building :)

smartcat said...

I have visions of your camels parading around the world!
To quote Richard Scarry "What would we do without mommies to take care of us all day and sometimes half the might?"
Waiting to see your funding campaign!

Anna said...

I'll be very interested in your crowd funding efforts. Great you have a space to keep going in the mean time, how ever small it might be.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

brilliant camels :)