Thursday, May 30, 2013

Broken Hill trip

We went up there to look at the sculptures.
What an amazing setting.
360 degree view.
Sculptures all from a symposium and built on site over 2 months.
They say the rock was very hard.
Quite a challenge to work with.

While we were up there a couple of wallabies came along.
I had noticed one of the bushes had been grazed upon.
They were not afraid of humans and carried on with their brunch.
They blend very well with the bush,
(smack bang in the midddle)

A lot of the street names are minerals and stones.
Like Oxide St and Crystal St, Bromide and Chloride St's
Who took the B out of Beryl

As a potter
I thought it fitting that we stayed on Kaolin Street

A very interesting place
Check out what the other potters have been up to this week


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh SHHESH, wow....what a place, at the end of the earth :) and I should one day check out the mudcolony...

Anna said...

I hope I get to Broken Hill one of these days! Love the fact you stayed on Kaolin St :)