Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy busy busy

There is so much going on it is hard to fit it all in.
This is the first market free weekend for a long time.
I have a kiln to fire, its all loaded I was just waiting for off-peak power
My "Rith" inspired teapot failed the lid fitting test.

I will have to make a new bottom and a new top,
I can see this project on the back burner for a while.

What is it with boys and skulls?
The kangaroo is a members reaction to a long drive  from work,
dodging kangaroos on the four hour drive home.
An order for camel lamps from Canada has me back on the camel train...
and loving it.

I went off on a bit of tangent the other day and made some drawing charcoal.
A Willow tree had dropped a big branch..that got me thinking
 I may have discovered the Pope's smoke secret.
The tin is filled, jam packed with willow sticks

then placed on the fire.
When the white smoke stops the charcoal is ready. It took about 40 minutes

We discovered the white smoke was flammable....
Got me thinking!
I'll link this to
click on the link to see what else has been happening in clay this week.


Caroline said...

The teapot still looks brilliant even if the lid doesn't fit perfectly.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

it IS a great teapot :)

smartcat said...

Oh those pesky lids! But it still looks good I love the shape.

So that's how you make charcoal! It looks like you used a paint can with a hole punched in top?