Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunshine Yellow

Now we have the power on
the cool room has been set up in the back yard.

It was getting hard to get more than 3 buckets of flowers in

and it is a great way to hold over the flowers until a market week.
There was an old set of shelves that seemed to be the right size

I had to reposition most of the shelves which took a lot longer
than I thought...and I was thwarted with the hanging bars being just a tad
in the way for sliding the unit in.

Now if we do some sheep I will have to get the shelves out
oh well
I think the shelves will be great to increase my cool store ability
at least 3 buckets per shelf.
I have been picking my Chrysanthemums as they reach their potential

In Australia the white chrysanthemum is the traditional mothers day flower
and I got to thinking that this is seasonally appropriate.
On the other side of the world they would be totally out of season
so what is the traditional mothers day bloom for the northern hemisphere?
Yellow is not an overly popular colour for cut flowers.
I think it is Sunshine captured.
It reminds me of Van Gogh
I like it...
I'm not so fond of the most popular cut flower colour...pink
I am growing pink flowers to satisfy that popularity but
I have wattle flowering at the moment too so there will be many
yellow bunches at the market this Saturday.
I have also been digging up my Jerusalem artichoke bulbs,
They are a great potato alternative.
Prolific producer and just before they are ready to pick, they have many yellow
sunflower like flowers.
I affectionately refer to them as farty chokes for windy reasons.


Annie said...

What do you do with the Jerusulum Artichokes??? Do you cook and eat them?? Love the idea of your storage. Well done!

smartcat said...

The mums look great in their buckets ready for market. I love yellow flowers in the spring; it's a color that goes missing all winter. All summer I love having little yellow marigolds in the garden.

Jerusalem artichokes are a close relative of the sunflower. Be careful, if left in the ground they can take over a garden.

Here in the USA I think the carnation is the traditional Mothers Day flower.....pink, for appreciation, or white for remembrance.

Caroline said...

The yellow looks bright and cheery. I thought they were dahlias at first. What do you mean "do some sheep"? Do you keep sheep for eating?
P.S. I missed pottery this week due to a headache and I was worried my car would get bogged in the mud.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

COOL room...I think your climate is a little different from ours ;)