Saturday, May 18, 2013

Market weekend again

I couldn't resist taking this photo...pre market Friday is always very beautiful
These are the flowers before I have started making any bunches.

A couple of the buckets full are from Mum's beautiful garden
but the rest are from my paddock.
A little too much yellow, but it is bright and beautiful.

I hadn't even picked any of these flowers yet. Hypoestise I think
A prolific and hardy perennial that flowers in part shade!

I forgot to pick this one...Desley.
Not so good in bunches but looks great with orange and red blooms
I am noticing in the photo that something is eating it!

Adriana from the question
which piece can you not part with?
This is a Raku plate that I made sometime in the 80's 
I did a series and struggled with the larger pieces
which all were prone to cracking.
More grog...raku clay which is too tough for throwing....
I love crackle glaze, I love the carbon black of raku
and the randomness of raku.
The whole firing process and the smell.
I keep it to remind me of all those things.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Can you EVER have too much yellow? :)

Adriana Christianson said...

Gorgeous platter, shame about that crack !! Are you tempted to have another go ?