Monday, July 2, 2012

Ballooning at the lake

Early morning start
5.30am  from Mildura to get to 6am briefing
Flying from the Werrimul school oval at first light.
Not frosty this morning.

We are the last balloon to leave the ground

Dirk is flying solo and we are ready to retrieve
"Bifrost" is the orange, green and maroon balloon.

The paddocks out here are big open fields that have been sown to wheat.
There has been very little rain out this way and it is hard to see the crop.
The landing was a little fast and Dirk draged his way to a halt.

He waited for us to find him so we could help him pack up the balloon 
It looks a bit more hectic from this angle.
Isn't the paddock dry.

Dirk thought it was a fallow paddock and was upset he had landed on a crop.
Not too much damage done. Not too much crop to damage.

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whooooooooooooooooa, that is soooo coooool :)