Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Frosty visited

The sun has been out since 7am
The sky is blue, clear blue
There is no wind
plenty of ice

 This photo was taken after 10am
Iced borage anyone?
Perfect hot air ballooning weather
Maybe next week if our friend comes to stay

It is definately cold enough
For those of you who experience snow in winter
this must seem a bit lame
I just can't imagine it getting any colder than this.
It is very hard to get myself out there and prepare for spring.
I have to harvest my rocket seeds from this circle
and reclaim some growing space

All of this was self sown
It does pay to relax and enjoy the flowers for a few weeks
Tidy gardeners rarely have self sown rocket
Do yourself a favour and leave the flowers to set seed.


Annie said...

I love all the self seeding - cold cold cold - I think you're colder than Ballarat! We do have central heating though! Very spoilt. I did go out and speak to the chooks this am.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh yes indeed, we get plenty of snow and ice, I did not realize you got any at all!